Due Diligence

Our due diligence work covers two main areas, namely:

1. Business Intelligence & Investigation

We are able to conduct research at government departments and ministries including tax offices and companies’ registration office, for information on directors, shareholders and other stakeholders of companies and non-profit organizations. We can also provide reports and assessment regarding the credibility and reputation of target companies and individuals. We are able to conduct discreet source inquiries in order to identify potential risk areas to assist our domestic and international clients in decision-making.

2. Litigation Checks & Support

We have a large network of legal professionals spread all over Pakistan that makes it possible for us to provide information regarding past and present court and tribunal cases in which a subject may be involved in. We can also highlight allegations of corruption, fraud and other unlawful and unethical practices against a subject. We can provide information regarding regulatory compliance of a subject. We offer litigation support to our clients across a range of areas specific to their case, including tracing assets and identifying corporate interests. Moreover, we can also assist insurance providers in cases of potential fraud by providing evidence that could justify the rejection of fraudulent claims.

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